Exercise can change your life. You feel better, you move better and you sleep better. You gain fitness, more energy, more confidence and more strength. A personal trainer at David’s Health & Lifestyle Studios in Goonellabah will train you with the right program and exercises that suits you.

In your own studio.

Exercise in your own clean, comfortable training studio with your own personal trainer. It is a professional and private training environment without the distraction of others.

When you feel physically strong and fit, you feel better within yourself.

With the tools our trusted and professional personal training team has available for you to draw on, your fitness and health will head in the right direction. You gain the assurance that you will not be tied into long term contracts, you have your trainer there on time every time and we listen.

You deserve to feel all this and more.

You can have more energy, more confidence and feel stronger in all parts of your life.

Contact David’s Health & Lifestyle Studios today to find out how you can gain more from life.

Weekly five: 09 January 2018

Welcome to this week’s Five from David Myths busted to help your 2018 fitness goals We want to trim the waistline – do diets work? What is a diet? a special course of foods to which a person restricts themselves, either to lose weight or for medical reasons. All diets...
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Weekly five Christmas tips: 15 December 2017

Welcome to this week’s Five from David Your Christmas tips Over the Christmas period, we look forward to the festivities, but don’t enjoy the side effects.  On average (according to Nutrition Australia), we put on from 800 grams to 1 ½ kg that stays on every...
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Weekly five: 01 December 2017

Your exercise tip – A few facts on exercise A few points that you may not know: According to a study review in the Contemporary Economic Journal, USA, from 2014, of the people studied, if you are active in sports and physical activity you are 36 to 39% less likely to...
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Weekly five: 10 November 2017

Your exercise tip – How you resistance train will dictate your results If you are short of time to exercise, you really want to make sure that it is effective, especially if you have specific goals in mind. For weight loss, your resistance training (to be effective)...
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Weekly five: 03 November 2017

Welcome to this week’s Five from David Your exercise tip – calculate the exercise cost of your snacks Have you ever asked yourself what those snacks are costing you? A simple way to work out how much exercise is needed to burn off the excess, is by converting the...
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