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Professional, experienced and authentic.  Expect nothing less.

David’s Health & Lifestyle Studios

Having started in October 2000, from humble beginnings in East Lismore, David’s has grown to be the longest running personal training studio in the region.

Our speciality is resistance training, helping all those we come into contact with achieve the direction they need with strategies, tools and the motivation to help achieve their goals.

From numerous local business and health awards, to the prestigious NSW Personal Training business of the year in 2008, David’s has prided itself on integrity, dependability and continually striving for the highest standards, exceeding our clients expectations.  Our priority is you.

Your Team

Exceptional and authentic trainers helping real people.

Your Team

Your team at David’s are chosen with the requisite of having sound knowledge, skills and the confidence to guide all personalities with the most challenging of circumstances. Each trainer has the ability and the assurance to rate us amongst the best.

Our team members have their families in the local community, which helps them understand the genuine challenges that you face when it comes to a balance of family, work and keeping up with your exercise.  With practical and realistic tools, we work with you to find the best suited strategy.

Our team are fully registered and accredited with Fitness Australia and are bound by Fitness Australia’s highest code of ethics.

David Hoffmann

David Hoffmann

Personal Trainer

David is a Registered Personal Trainer / Gym Instructor with Fitness Australia. He has over 21 years in the health and fitness industry. Read more at fitness.org.au/directory/reps/david-hoffmann/1/003415

Your Studio

Experience privacy and premium training experience in clean environment.

Your Studio

The studio you train in is private, enabling you to relax and train at your best without feeling like you are on display.  The studio is set up with al the equipment you will need to achieve the best out of your time.  You can also utilise the warm up are to ensure you are not using training time, allowing you to get the best value for you time

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