Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to train?

To start yourself on the right path, we recommend that you ease into your sessions with one per week for a few weeks, until you are feeling comfortable with the sessions.  After this point, you may want to consider trying two sessions per week to help accelerate your progress.

What exercise would I need to be doing between sessions?

Each person will start at an amount that their trainer sees as suitable to begin with.  Ideally, over the period of a week, you need to be looking at 200 minutes of cardiovascular exercise.  The type of exercise you complete will also be under the guidance of your trainer.

Do I have to sign a contract or pay joining fees?

No, we don’t have contracts or joining fees that tie you down for extended periods of time.

How long are the sessions?

All the sessions are 30 minutes, with a warm up area to use before you start your sessions.

Why do I only need 30 minutes?

With the personalised session you have the studio and the trainer to yourself, there is no one else in your time training, so you don’t have to queue for equipment or wait for other people.  The trainers are qualified and experienced to deliver a complete workout in the time period allocated.

What if I cannot attend my session?

If you cannot make your scheduled session give us a call and we can reschedule to a more convenient time that is available.

Can I train with a friend?

Yes, in fact we encourage you to find someone that you would like to train with.  This keeps you motivated to train (and can bring a healthy competitive aspect to your training).  As a bonus it reduces the cost and may allow you to try a second session each week.


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