Training Options

Training options to suit all ages, abilities, and skill levels. Don’t forget to check out our Getting Started offer!

Personal Training

The first step you take towards a healthier you, does not have to be without help.

For some, personal training is about helping you when you don’t want to look big and unhealthy any more, or you want a better shape to your body. For others, it is about  being strong, feeling capable, and looking that way.

For our kids, personal training is guidance and exercise so they are not so self-conscious any more, when in sports clothing or having to get dressed in front of others. It can help them to be able to participate in exercising and sports, and not feel like they cannot do what is asked.  Sometimes they just don’t want to be last all the time.

Your sessions with our personal trainers are individualised and undertaken in your own private studio, fully supervised, out of the public eye.

One of the dislikes we face each day is the ‘hard sell’ to have us make a decision immediately.  To take away that concern, we enable everyone to try a complimentary session, giving you the opportunity to see what professional personal training is about.  Think of it like test driving the car before you go away and make a decision.

Personal Training
Weight Loss Master Classes

Weight Loss Master Classes

The change you want to your health is right here.

Our weight loss master classes are designed to help you in gaining the motivation, confidence and the tools you need to start on the right path to long term weight loss.

To feel good about yourself and to continue to build on the small changes to help you become healthier in the body and mind, try one of our six week master classes that cater for men and women in separate weight loss classes, and those who want to maintain or continue the weight loss momentum.

Each group is limited to a maximum of eight participants, running for six weeks (a total of 13 one hour sessions), including:

  • one suggested diet guide
  • one structured diet plan
  • a program book and guide to losing your weight and
  • the motivation, direction and professional guidance of our specialist master class trainer.

Outdoor Circuits

Exercise and energise outdoors

Our outdoor sessions cater for a variety of fitness and health levels, and are a good way to increase your exercise with guidance from a professional, without breaking the budget.

Our outdoor sessions have moved indoors for winter – call us on 02 6625 1433 for details.

Outdoor Circuits
Corporate Health
Corporate Health

Corporate Health

The health of your business is reflected in the health and attitude of your employees

As a business in today’s environment we understand that the health of our team is essential in delivering a premium service every time.

Healthy people is a healthy business.

Our corporate health programs for public, private and not-for-profit organisations are catered to the specific needs and issues related to the health and fitness of your organisation.

Improved performance.

To have your team providing the highest performance in service and productivity try our:

  • back-to-work training
  • fitness assessments
  • small group circuits, or
  • executive fitness packages

Talk to David today about your different options and your organisation’s objectives.

Children and Teenagers

Exercise during childhood and teenager years lays the foundation for future health.

Physical and psychological health – During these busy days as a child or teenager growing up, studying and socialising, exercise can become a low priority.  Keeping strong and healthy, and building habits and confidence to exercise, has been proven to lay the groundwork we need for better health, for longer.

To help with our kids self confidence, exercising with a qualified and experienced trainer from David’s will contribute to a foundation of good physical and psychological health.

Sports development – If you child or teenager is aiming for selection or is in the higher levels of representative sport of all kinds, give them the best opportunity with safe, structured and individualised exercise sessions with one of our trainers. Kids have the opportunity to try personal training, training with a friend and our Thursday afternoon specially designed children’s circuit.

People with special requirements

We all have special requirements. We help people who have severe back injuries, repetitive strain injury and chronic fatigue syndrome. We also work with people with conditions such as spastic cerebral palsy, spina bifida, Down’s Syndrome, asperger’s syndrome, paraplegia and amputees. Like all our clients, we help build and maintain exercise that also improves their confidence in doing daily tasks, living their life and being part of the community.

With access to the latest research and studies, we develop exercise routines that suit every individual

Call David to answer any questions.

Exercise for Mental Health

Looking after your physical health is an investment in your mind.

Today, we are more and more aware of the toll mental health issues of family and friends can take on both the individual and those around them.  Research is now showing that improved physical health is an essential part of a management plan.

From relieving anxiety and helping lift from depression, to build self efficacy and self confidence, or the social interaction in a non-threatening, non-judgemental environment, exercise with an experienced professional at David’s should be part of the management plan.

We have worked with many individuals since 2000, with all variety of mental health conditions, helping people experience first hand the benefit exercise can bring.

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