Your exercise tip – How you resistance train will dictate your results

If you are short of time to exercise, you really want to make sure that it is effective, especially if you have specific goals in mind. For weight loss, your resistance training (to be effective) needs:

  • Exercises that work larger groups of muscles, to keep a balance between the groups and to burn more calories.
  • Have challenging loads (always controllable) and lower amounts of repetitions (the amount of times you complete an exercise in one set)
  • Have a slower speed to have the most effective stimulus for growth of the muscles.

This type of format to your training will create more long-term results that will help not only weight loss, but change body shape, keep you feeing strong and boost your self confidence.

Christmas challenge – let’s get started before it gets too late!

I have two challenges for those who want to make their health and Christmas less traumatic in clothes or on the scales.

  • Challenge one – come out of Christmas the same weight as you were before hand
    • Use clothes as a measure or a tape measure of your waistline
    • Diarise your exercise at the end of each week for the following week
    • One gym or home resistance exercise session per week
    • Three cardiovascular exercise sessions at a moderate level (huffy puffy) for weekly total of 150 minutes
    • One rest day
    • One day of active rest/ stretch session
  • Challenge two – lose two to three kilograms before 31 December (7 weeks – tough ask)
    • For someone who has been exercising – to kick it along
    • Use the scales as a measure
    • Diarise your exercise at the end of the week for the following week
    • One gym or home resistance session
    • Two cardiovascular exercise sessions totalling 100 minutes (working at a level where you are getting breathless and sweaty)
    • Two interval or fartlek sessions of cardiovascular exercise totalling 50 minutes
    • One stretch session per week.
    • One active rest day

Each week I will have a quick tip for each group, a suggested exercise routine for each group and a tip to overcome those hurdles.

Your life tip

Treasure life’s experiences over possessions – it feels so much better

This week’s wise words

‘Sometimes we do not realise our true strength until we are confronted with our greatest weakness.’


Have a great week and keep healthy in 2017.   David.

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